Editor Roles and Responsibilities

Editors are the backbone of any academic publications. All journal activities are operated under guidelines of the editorial board, who are the recognized names of the field of journal domain. Editors provide content, set journal policies, attract top researches and manage the critical rule of peer reviewing submitted articles. Editorial board coordinated under the direction of the editor-in-chief of each journal.

  • How to Become a Member of the Editorial Board?

    Invitation Only!

    Becoming a member of the editorial board at Sanford Inter Science Press journals is by invitation only. Editors are chosen from all around the globe among the active members of the academic society in the specific field of each journal by the editor-in-chief or upon the suggestion of the current board members. There is no restriction on the number of members of the editorial board. If you have a track record or expertise on the field and would like to candidate yourself or someone you know please contact editorial board along with a recent CV of the candidate.

  • Editors' Duties and Responsibilities

    • Editors are ambassadors for the journal, caring for new content and managing submissions.
    • Honesty and transparency are two main characteristics to become an editorial board member, since an editor should evaluate every submission fairly and transparently.
    • Collaborating with the publisher and the society to shape the overall strategy of the journal.
    • Reviewing and deciding upon submitted manuscripts to ensure sustainable and timely publication according to the journal deadlines.
    • Assigned editors must report any possible conflict of interest with any assignment immediately to the editor-in-chief. In such cases the editorial office will reassign the manuscript to another editorial member for reviewing.