Toward a Timetabling Qt Application Modernization

Yassir Gourram, Samir Mbarki, Zineb Gotti, Sara Gotti


Nowadays, we note that there is a big change in technologies. To track these changes, the evolution of software development practices is required. MDE provides modernization techniques that can quickly follow these changes. We adopt this approach in order to modernize the legacy Qt timetabling application user interfaces. We conducted an automatic reverse engineering of Qt interfaces in order to have as output RIA interfaces. This automatic process reproduces user interfaces with a modern representation and retains data related to graphical components namely properties, position and actions. To illustrate this approach, let us consider FET as our legacy Qt timetabling application.


Architecture Driven Modernization (ADM); Knowledge Discovery Model (KDM); Qt Graphical User Interface Meta-model (QGUIM); Concrete Syntax Tree Meta-model (CSTM); Rich Internet Application (RIA)

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